Motoring Offences



We have been providing legal advice and representation to defendants all over London, the South East and beyond for two decades. We regularly attend all London Police Stations and London Courts to defend people who have been accused of motoring offences.


Your case will be looked after by a Solicitor or Hayley Cox (a paralegal with 10 years experience). The Solicitors in our office are: 

- Trushar Punatar - Managing Director - qualified Solicitor since October 1995

- Michael Range - Director - qualified Solicitor since September 2010

- Moira MacFarlane - Solicitor - qualified Solicitor since May 2013

- Leftheris Ridgeway - Solicitor - qualified Solicitor since February 2008

- Tosin Akinboboye - Solicitor - qualified Solicitor since January 2021


Cases going to trial at the Magistrates Court case tend to take 2-6 months from the start to conclusion. Cases whereby a guilty plea is entered tend to conclude within 1-2 hearings, either on the day of the first appearance or at a further hearing which tends to be within 3 weeks from the date of the first appearance. 



Please contact our offices on 0207 485 6677 should you have a matter in which you are to be interviewed in relation to or are due to attend Court for. 







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