Anna Holmes



Anna is a Solicitor at ACA Law Ltd.


Having completed her degree at Cambridge University, Anna went on to successfully complete her diploma in Law and Legal Practice Course, Anna joined ACA Law in April 2012 as a paralegal and progressed to gaining her police station accreditation and completing her training contract with ACA Law. Anna qualified as a Solicitor in October 2014. 


Since qualifying she has run a wide variety of case files, covering offences from simple shoplifts to cases of multiple serious sexual offences against children. She regularly handles cases where the defendant suffers from serious mental health difficulties or other vulnerabilities, and is sensitive to the needs of these defendants and well-practiced in how to ensure their matters proceed as smoothly as possible. 


An example of this was the matter of R v B 2015. The client was a man in his 20s who was accused of threatening his mother with an axe. Some years before he had been involved in a serious road traffic accident which caused him extensive brain damage. As a result of this accident he had multiple learning and emotional difficulties and was left effectively illiterate and mute. Following his arrest, the client was remanded in a secure hospital unit. Anna took conduct of this case and obtained instructions from the client insofar as was possible, which involved a lengthy visit in the unit and a consideration of how she and the client could most effectively communicate - which turned out to be a combination of slow speaking, drawing and play-acting. This is still the only case in which Anna has been given instructions largely in mime. The logistical workload of this case was particularly challenging, as it involved locating and instructing an intermediary to assist the client in communicating at his trial, and dealing appropriately with the concerns and queries of his mother who also happened to be the complainant. The client was finally acquitted.


Anna has developed a base of loyal young clients who instruct her in all their matters and recommend her to any of their friends who come into legal difficulties. Anna enjoys developing an excellent working relationship with these young people and will do her utmost to maintain their good character - a prime example is a recent referral who instructed Anna in 8 different matters and still does not have any convictions. 


Anna is also a dedicated police station representative who will attend police stations in the early hours of the morning, or will travel across the country, to ensure that our clients have the best possible representation rather than leaving them in the hands of an unknown agent.


Outside of work, Anna loves to cook/bake and Monday mornings are a treat for all the staff at the office who get to sample her cakes and biscuits.


Anna has a passion for learning new things - her current challenge is to master the Korean language.





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